This website is the result of January Term course led by professor Carlos Mario Mejía Suárez at Gustavus Adolphus College in 2018. In this course, students spent one week exploring the history of Colombia through Germán Mejía and Michael LaRosa's Colombia. A Concise Contemporary History, applying the lens of transitional justice, peace studies, and memory studies to contemporary issues of Colombian society, and finally read two different literary works that address conflict in direct or indirect fashion (A Tale of the Dispossessed by Laura Restrepo and In the Beginning Was the Sea by Tomás González).

Students also started to reflect about how to inflect a digital approach to an analysis of the subject matter. During the following three weeks students read different fiction and non-fiction works and created different ways to explore how space, memory, pain, materiality, and history manifested themselves in these works.

This course was a part of a Mellon Grant for Digital Humanities at Gustavus.


Mayra Gurrola

Emma Jones

Megan Kallestad

Alexandra Orta

Priscilla Otero

Nicole Pfalz (student coordinator)

Karrie Villarreal

Hillary Wickenhauser


© 2018 by Carlos Mario Mejía & Gustavus Adolphus College PCS 119 course

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