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Different forms of narration, including fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novel, are part of the network of the Colombian contemporary cultural production. Violence and armed conflict appear frequently  as fundamental in the development of plots, characters, dialogues, and spaces. What here interests us the most is the analysis not of literary works as transparent representations of this context, but as symbolic discourses that code an understanding of conflict and human vulnerability, pain and enjoyment, segregation and solidarity, that give shape to how the Colombian society and its cultural agents view their context, use their imagination for empathy, and even for moving forward towards a post-agreement (and still problematic) historical moment in the country. 

Click on the images of projects to the right to go to the page where they are thoroughly explained. Some of the projects allow you to interact with the data to highlight specific ideas or patterns; others invite you to reflect on the positioning of specific comments, and other allow you to draw connections between the maps referenced in fiction and non-fiction works, and the way mapping allows us to notice overlaps between our own world map , and those of the cultural products here showcased.

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